Edgertronic Edgertronic

E-commerce based design suited for high-tech sales and product specifications display. Incorporation of wikia page and custom sales process and reporting. Multiple account control levels and unique sales user groups.

Website URL: http://www.edgertronic.com/

Technology Used: Joomla 3, Roksprocket, Hikashop E-commerce, Video Animation

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HMR Search

Hospitality Management Search Hospitality Recruitment

Responsive design with vibrant content animations for hospitality recruitment firm. We integrated older marketing material with a new slick design that really grabs the attention of the visitor.

Website URL: http://www.hmrsearch.com/

Technology Used: Joomla 3, Roksprocket, Javascript content effects.

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Get a Life

Get A Life - Self-Improvement Website Get A Life - Self-Improvement Website

Large blog site with a lot of user traffic. Slick user experience and top notch content. We fully migrated this site from Wordpress to Joomla without a single bit lost.

Website URL: http://www.gll-getalife.com

Technology Used: Joomla 3, Roksprocket, RSForm, Easyblog, Komento Comments, Wordpress to Joomla migration with 0% loss.

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Boise Disability and Social Security Law

Boise Disability Law Website Boise Disability Law Website

Brand new site for the popular Boise law firm, Bublitz Law.  Jessica Bublitz wanted to create a new site for their specialty service of disability law and Social Security law. Simple CMS Design was only too happy to help. We used some really cool "flat" design methods to acheive a site with a really eye catching look. Check this one out for some cool web design ideas.

Website URL: http://www.boiseidahodisabilitylaw.com

Technology Used: Joomla 3.1, Roksprocket, RSForm, Google Maps, Flat Design

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Hedegaard Homes


Complete redesign of site with new look and placed into Joomla! CMS. Includes fully customized real estate sales management component with subdivision information, homes for sale, open houses, and property index. Ghost developed for Virtual Sets.

Website URL: http://www.hedegaardhomes.com

Technology Used: Joomla 3, Intellectual Property, RS Forms!

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