Keyboard and penWith each new site that we build, we provide content writing. Content is king on the internet, yet it is often a challenge to write for business owners. Simple CMS staffs well educated, professional writers that can take a small description of your business and turn it into a full stream of information for your users to learn about your business, and more importantly, why they should choose your business.

Why content is so important

Content is important for two reasons. First, your customers need information about you. Why else would they be at your website? However, just knowing about your company isn't enough. You need them to complete some task in order for you to make money. Content can guide your visitors to a "Call to Action" that you want them to complete. This might be to send you an email asking about your services or call you to get an estimate or even buy your product online.

Secondly, content increases your visibility. You may think that the information on your website is just for people that visit it. It's not just for them. Content is for search engines. Think of it this way. A search engine must show you a result for a specific search you've requested right? So the search engine must have a list of websites that have information relevant to your request. Well how does a search engine know what a website is about? You guessed it. Content.

Content not only helps you educate and market to customers you already have, are considering your services, or may not have ever heard of your company.

What content we provide on your website

Each page of your new website will feature original content written by our staff. Our writers develop at a minimum of 350 words for each page. 350 words is ideal to get your message across and to educate the search engines on what you do. Any more is overkill and any less isn't enough.

The content is also written to be key-phrase rich. This means that we give the search engines information that relates to particular search requests that your potential customers are searching for. For example, consider the following sentence:

Simple CMS builds really great websites.

Search engines can only really get the keywords of Simple CMS", and "great websites" out of this statement.

Now consider this statement:

Simple CMS designs professional websites for small businesses in Boise Idaho.

Now the search engines can get the keywords of "Simple CMS", "Professional Websites", "Website Designs", "Small Business Websites", "Small Business Website Design", "Boise Idaho Small Business Website Design" and "Professional Website Design Idaho". That's alot more opportunity for search engines to guide visitors to this site for information about those items!

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