Flash-to-HTMLIt's obvious that in the technical world, things change fast. The web industry is no exception. Since your web site is the primary way that you reach new customers, it's important that it stays up to date with the latest technology trends. Problems like browser incompatibility, poor display on popular mobile devices, and an outdated user interface are all reasons why potential customers might choose to leave your site in the dust.

Thankfully, changing from your current Flash web site to a widely supported Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla is both easy and affordable.

Flash Websites Are Losing Technological Support

With the recent growth in popularity of iOS devices and the release of Internet Explorer 10, it seems as though Flash based websites are becoming outdated very quickly. Since many people browse the web with such products - which cannot display Flash web sites effectively – many businesses are overdue for a makeover. In fact, many people in the web industry feel that Flash web sites are going to be almost completely unsupported by popular web browsers in the near future.

Switching to a major Content Management System, like Joomla, ensures that your site displays well on all devices. Furthermore, Joomla is under continuous development by the open source community. This means that your web site will be able to adapt to the latest technology changes as the future unfolds.

Flash Sites are Bad for SEO

Many companies gain business leads from people searching for products and services using search engines. Instead of using phone books, many people just look online for help, or when they need to make a purchase. However, Flash web sites are not typically structured in a way that makes sense to popular search services like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Instead of ranking higher up the list, it's likely that your Flash site could be pushed toward the bottom.

In contrast, a strong, focused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign can help you reach new customers. A CMS like Joomla is built to feed search engines content in a structured and predictable manner. That meas that your SEO campaign can be used to its full potential.

Flash Sites are Difficult to Maintain

When it's time to make changes to your Flash based web site, you'll usually have to contact your web designer. It can be frustrating to work with their busy schedules just to have simple changes to your site performed.

With Joomla, it's easy to for you to make simple changes to your site. Creating content, adding pages, restructuring menus, and adding pictures is a breeze with a modern CMS like Joomla.

We can convert your Flash Website

With so many changes to internet technology, it's important to build a web site that can adapt to the latest trends. Thankfully, Flash web site conversion is a breeze with Simple CMS Design. We can walk you through every step of the process, and help you build a web site which will support your company for years into the future.


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