Mobile Website DesignToday, cell phones, iPads, Blackberry’s, and countless other mobile devices are equipped to browse the web. But, is your site ready to be visited by this kind of traffic? Simple CMS Design is here to ensure that your site is completely mobile-ready. By making your site compatible with the variety of mobile devices your visitors are using, you are investing in customer satisfaction, and opening up a whole new market of visitors for your site. Contact Simple CMS Design for a free estimate for making your site mobile ready!

Why Is Having a Mobile Web Site So Important Today?

The unique needs of cell phones users - small screens, touch displays, low light visibility, etc. - is a game changer for web designers. Normal web sites, even if they load up on a mobile device, are hard to see, hard to navigate, and often impossible to sell products on. Mobile device users will simply look for a different site which is easier for them to use. This means that your business could be driving customers toward your competitors if you don’t have a mobile version ready for these unique users.

Usability Creates Customer Satisfaction

From the perspective of user experience, the success of your site is dependent upon how much people enjoy visiting it. If things are easy to find, if the content is useful, and if your site looks good, then customers are going to come back again. On the other hand, if a user can’t find out how to buy your product because the button is hidden and hard to see, then the customer will be frustrated and is less likely to buy your products.

Mobile Devices and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have invested time and money into search engine optimization, then you are well aware of its importance in today’s online market place. However, if you are generating traffic to your web site, it is very important that people like what they find. If they land on your site and can’t read the page because your site isn’t ready for their mobile device, then the user is likely to turn right back around and leave. This means your search engine optimization work goes to waste.

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