Eye Catching Graphic DesignWhat do you notice above all else when you look at marketing material? Usually people will say the images. We come from the idea that great content but bad imaging can seperate a website from success and failure. That's why we use only the highest-quality images available for your project.

We use only royalty-free images and have accounts with such providers as istockphoto.com, 123rf.com, and dreamstime.com. We also are experts on image creation and editing and use high-powered graphics software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks to create exact look that great graphics gives.

Our Images are Search Engine Friendly

We use alt-tags on all images. What are alt-tags? Alt-tags are brief descriptions of images on a website. They are useful in telling a search engine or vision-impaired visitors what an image is about. You can check an images alt-tag by hovering your mouse over an image. Try it on the image of the eye.

Alt-tags are vitally important in search-engine-optimization. Images take up alot of real-estate on a website so that's prime territory that you could be using for keyword-rich content. Instead, you can use alt-tags to embed key-phrases into your images. This makes a search-engine-friendly and visually stunning website.

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