SEO-servicesSearch engine ranking is the most important aspect that a small business website can achieve. There's no better way to gain new business than being on the first page of Google for your target markets. While there is no sure way to achieve this, we build all our customers websites with SEO in mind. Our sites contain search engine friendly URLs, proper alt tags, well structured page titles, and keyword rich content writing.

Before the explosion of the internet, potential customers would look in phone books for businesses to contact. By having your business listed in phone books - and perhaps running advertisements in the sections of the phone book where your customers would look for you - there was a very good chance that you could get new clients calling your business.

Although phone books are still sometimes used, things today are a bit different. Online marketing plays a very large role in today’s business world. Many clients will simply use a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find services they need. When a person types in a search term on these sites, they are most likely to contact the business that displays near the top of the search results - they aren’t going to dig around to find your web site.

Search Engine Optimization ServicesNo matter how good your products or services are, it doesn’t mean much if new clients can’t find you online. Therefore, it is important to implement search engine optimization strategies to help your site rank highly for the search terms your clients are using. Literally ever search for your service on the internet is an opportunity for you to meet a new client.

That’s why Simple CMS Design offers search engine optimization services in Boise, Idaho and across the US. We know that harnessing the power of the web is a great way to land new clients. Our search engine optimization experts in Boise Idaho are ready to help you rank higher in search engine results. We firmly believe that a solid search engine optimization strategy can go a long way in getting the results you are looking for with your web site.

The search engine optimization services we offer through our Boise Idaho headquarters include content writing, site maps, Google and Bing analytics, paid advertisement strategies, and backlinking services. By using a holistic approach to search engine optimization, we can help your site rank higher in the search engine terms your clients use naturally.


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