WordPress LogoWordPress (WP) is an open source content management system (CMS) used for blogs and website development. WP has 1000’s of plugins, widgets, and themes from which to choose for your site. Powered by PHP and MySQL, WP is best used for projects that only require a basic content management system.

Comparing WordPress and Joomla!

 While Joomla! is our CMS/Platform of choice here at Simple CMS Design, we have found that WP offers the following advantages compared to Joomla!

  • More Automated. However, this means some control over the site is lost
  • More Popular. Everyone has heard of WordPress
  • Built-in blogging features. WP started as a blogging site; its blogging capabilities have grown considerably over the years.

WordPress Services Offered at Simple CMS Design

The goal at Simple CMS Design is to meet the needs of our customer. We recognize that every project is as unique as the client who comes to us for assistance. We offer the following services for WordPress based projects but are always happy to customize, just give us a call!

  • Installation and Configuration. We’ll get your site up and running!
  • Theme Customization. Simple CMS Design can help design the right look for your business site!
  • Website Maintenance. Let us take care of all your site maintenance and know that your site is always up and running properly!
  • Widget Customization
  • CMS Development. Simple CMS Design specializes in Content Management Systems!
  • Template Design Services. We’re happy to create a custom design for you!
  • WordPress Website Hosting
  • Corporate Blogging. We’ll write and maintain your company blog and increase traffic to your site!

Why Simple CMS Design

Simple CMS Design specializes in custom web design for small to medium sized businesses. We are based in Boise, Idaho and willing to work with clients anywhere in the United States. Our talented web professionals can take any business site proposal and turn it into a professional website that will increase the profitability of your business. Call us today! Simple CMS Design will help you customize a plan that is right for your company and take your site to the next level!  

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