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Search engine optimization is dynamic. The rules and best practices change often. What doesn’t change is that making SEO a priority for your site will help put you ahead of your competition. Here are 5 ways you can help your business succeed with SEO.

  1. On Page Content Changes/Additions
    On page SEO means changes and additions made to the content on your site’s pages. This can be accomplished by changing some of your web content to add something new, providing an update to the site, or providing seasonal information relevant to your business. 

  2. Blogging
    It seems like everyone and everything has a blog these days. Your business should too! Why? Blogging is a highly effective way to increase your website’s exposure to search engines. Well written and useful blogs gain followers which can lead to increased business. Each blog will add a page to your website. Websites with more useful links to pages in the site score higher in search engine results. Try committing to a monthly blog. Be mindful of including keywords that both relate to your business and are used frequently in user searches.

  3. Backlinking
    Backlinking means getter other sites, preferably well-known sites with positive reputations to link to your website. This is an important factor in search engine results, though the way it is measured and the specific rules to follow are constantly being changed by Google.

  4. Social Media
    You can gain web traffic to your site by posting blog links to your business Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages. Social media links will increase Google search engine results.

  5. Local Listing sites
    Be sure that your business is listed correctly with website info, address, phone and description on listing sites such as Google Local, Yahoo Local, Citysearch etc. This will provide yet another way for your customers to find you while increasing your search engine results.

Sound like a lot to learn and manage? Feel free to contact the web professionals at Boise based Simple CMS Design today. We will work with you to find the SEO solution that is right for your business and budget.

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