Today’s customers are using mobile devices to access the web with increasing frequency.

What does this mean for your business website? Quite simply if your site can not be viewed properly on a mobile device, you are not reaching all your potential customers and clients. You are losing business.

So, how do I prepare my site for mobile viewers?

There are two options—Responsive Design or a Dedicated Mobile Site.

  1. Responsive Design: The industry standard for designing or developing websites as well as the preferred choice of Google. Responsive design sites automatically adjust to user screen and resolution size. So whether a customer is using a phone, computer, or tablet, they will view your site properly every time.

    Advantages: Works best with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a separate mobile site rather than responsive design means there are two urls for your business. This can complicate search results especially when the two sites have duplicate content. Sites created with responsive design are easier to update since you only have to update one site. Responsive design sites are also more adaptive to all types of screens and sizes, including the large variety of desktop monitors, tablets, phones and even televisions.

  2. Dedicated Mobile Site: Setting up a separate site with another url to handle mobile traffic. This site is specifically designed for views on a smartphone. Address will look like This option appeals to clients who already have an established website and do not want to overhaul their site for responsive design.

    Advantages: Initially, dedicated mobile sites are generally cheaper and faster to build compared to a responsive device site. However, when your site needs maintenance or updates, it will be more costly and time consuming to pay for work completed with two separate sites.

The right design option depends on the specific needs of your business as well as your budget. Making sure that your mobile customers and clients have flawless experiences on your site is a necessity so, if your site is not already mobile friendly, do yourself a favor and make this a priority today. Boise based Simple CMS Design is here to help answer questions and help you decide what is right for your specific business needs. 

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