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When researching options for building your business website, you might be surprised by all the choices available. You could learn how to build a site on your own, hire a professional web developer, or use one of the numerous “easy website builder” tools available on the web.

The bottom line for business owners tends to be balancing budget needs verses site functionality and performance. How much money do you have to spend to get a site up and running? How complex do you need your site to be to meet the needs of your business?

As a web designer, I feel that you can expect to get out of your site what you put into it.

It is absolutely true that using a free website builder will save you money. If you have a very small budget, perhaps you are launching a new business and need an immediate online presence, a free website builder might be your best option.

However, when considering how much money it will cost to build your site, there is another, equally important question to consider:

Is your website equipped to make you money?

Think about it. The main purpose to having a website is to attract new customers and to meet the needs of your current customers. Are you confident that you have the technical skills needed to make sure that your site is performing at the optimal level?

Hiring a professional web designer ensures that your site will be competently designed. Websites are the main way the customers find businesses in today’s digital age and the appearance of your site and the way it performs will either attract or repeal consumers.

Determining whether to use a free website builder and save money initially on development or invest in a professional web designer and build a site that will work well for your business needs long term is an important decision. More questions? Contact the professionals at Boise based Simple CMS Design today with your specific business needs and we will help you make the decision that is right for your business. 

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