web-fontsWhen designing your website, font selection is a critical selection. You carefully select text on your site to describe your business to customers. What you might not have considered is that the font style you choose conveys an unspoken message about your company as well. It’s probably pretty straightforward to say that if you have a more “serious” business, you will want to stick with a conventional font. Conversely, if your business is more artsy or whimsical, you might want to choose a more non-traditional font to attract customers.

Most people have an intuitive sense of the right font for their website. But there is still more to consider with font and web design.

Should I use just 1 font?

We have all seen sites that are over designed, that are visually so overwhelming that it is hard to gather the main company message. One way to prevent that, it would seem, is to limit font selection to 1 style.

Using 1 font absolutely makes for a site that is very clear to read. However, the trick is to make sure that the site is still visually interesting to your customers. This can be accomplished be using different elements of color and bolding areas of text with messages you want to make sure stand out to customers.

What about 2-3 fonts?

Most web designers use 2-3 fonts on a site. This adds detail to a site and makes the site more visually appealing which holds viewer attention better to the page. The key here is to pick fonts that complement each other, rather than match each other. Add the right color combinations to the complementing fonts and your business with have a brilliantly visual design!

Where do I find fonts?

There are many web specific fonts available online, both for free and for purchase.

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