Premium Website Design - Starting at $1500

Small Business Marketing Website DesignGet our proven small business marketing website design package - Starting at $1500.  This package includes everything your company will need to have a profitable presensce online.  Get more business and spend less.  We'll include our content management system so that you can have full control over your website without any headaches. No monthly fees. Call us at (208)740-1534 or click here and fill out the form to order.


  • Mobile Version
  • Hosting Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Cost-per-click Campaigns
  • YouTube Video Creation
  • E-Commerce Systems


  • Full Website Design
  • 8-10 pages
  • 350 words per page
  • Content Writing
  • High-Res Royalty Free Images
  • Photo Gallery


Our full line of website design packages - Starting at $250!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO-servicesSearch engine ranking is the most important aspect that a small business website can achieve. There's no better way to gain new business than being on the first page of Google for your target markets. While there is no sure way to achieve this, we build all our customers websites with SEO in mind. Our sites contain search engine friendly URLs, proper alt tags, well structured page titles, and keyword rich content writing.

Before the explosion of the internet, potential customers would look in phone books for businesses to contact. By having your business listed in phone books - and perhaps running advertisements in the sections of the phone book where your customers would look for you - there was a very good chance that you could get new clients calling your business.

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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website DesignToday, cell phones, iPads, Blackberry’s, and countless other mobile devices are equipped to browse the web. But, is your site ready to be visited by this kind of traffic? Simple CMS Design is here to ensure that your site is completely mobile-ready. By making your site compatible with the variety of mobile devices your visitors are using, you are investing in customer satisfaction, and opening up a whole new market of visitors for your site. Contact Simple CMS Design for a free estimate for making your site mobile ready!

Why Is Having a Mobile Web Site So Important Today?

The unique needs of cell phones users - small screens, touch displays, low light visibility, etc. - is a game changer for web designers. Normal web sites, even if they load up on a mobile device, are hard to see, hard to navigate, and often impossible to sell products on. Mobile device users will simply look for a different site which is easier for them to use. This means that your business could be driving customers toward your competitors if you don’t have a mobile version ready for these unique users.

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High-Quality Web Graphics

Eye Catching Graphic DesignWhat do you notice above all else when you look at marketing material? Usually people will say the images. We come from the idea that great content but bad imaging can seperate a website from success and failure. That's why we use only the highest-quality images available for your project.

We use only royalty-free images and have accounts with such providers as,, and We also are experts on image creation and editing and use high-powered graphics software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks to create exact look that great graphics gives.

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Small Business Web Design

Small Business Website DesignSimple CMS is Boise's best website design group for small to medium businesses. We give our customer's a great looking and profitable website each and every time. Each site is built using the most modern and reliable methods and coding techniques ensuring that each website is built to last and increase long-term sustainability. We're simply the best in the business.

Although our clients are located all across the United States, we do most of our web design for companies in the Boise, Idaho area. Working on both local and nation-wide web sites has given us experience in many Internet skill sets. In the last few months alone, we have completed projects for marketing, e-commerce, real estate, sales, touring, vehicle sales, and many other web sites.

By using the Joomla! Content Management System (or Joomla! CMS), we offer our clients with the best balance of design flexibility and ease of use. With Joomla’s fantastic development community, new updates, improvements, and security features are constantly being added and updated. This means that after your site is designed, maintenance will be easy and fast. Plus, if you ever feel the need to expand, there is an endless resource of add-ons to meet the needs of your site. This can save you lots of time and money down the road, by avoiding a complete re-build of your web site.

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Professional Content Writing

Keyboard and penWith each new site that we build, we provide content writing. Content is king on the internet, yet it is often a challenge to write for business owners. Simple CMS staffs well educated, professional writers that can take a small description of your business and turn it into a full stream of information for your users to learn about your business, and more importantly, why they should choose your business.

Why content is so important

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