responsive-pvcWhen different forms of technology started appearing on the scene, web designers used to code a different site for desktop and for mobile devices. Each site would appear the same way, regardless of size of screen or browser. We've all tried to navigate a desktop website on a mobile device, which isn't particularly user-friendly. But now that our consumption of online information is undergoing a rapid transformation, so too is the elegance of web design. The proliferation of different browsers, operating systems, and devices have all contributed to a fluid web landscape that requires flexible web design in order to accommodate all of the different screens we look at each day. Responsive web design has the capability of responding to the device on which someone views a website to create an optimal viewing experience for the user—what one sees on his or her laptop will render itself differently on his or her smart phone. Text flows differently. Images shrink. Navigation becomes simpler. This is the future of web design—design to fit every browser, device, and lifestyle.

Because of its ability to transcend platforms, Simple CMS can employ responsive web design to help your business website reach a wider audience. By incorporating responsive web design into your marketing strategy, your company's mobile presence—an increasingly important component of online marketing—will no longer simply be an afterthought. Using responsive web design to convey your website to mobile audiences eliminates the need to create a separate mobile application. Instead of tailoring disparate designs to each device, responsive web design requires only a single code to adapt to each device. This can save your company time and valuable resources. By streamlining the online experience for your potential customers, Simple CMS can help you maximize the number of hits on your website and the return on your investment.

Responsive Sites

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    Corporate marketing and e-commerce sales website for PVC Spiral Supply. Features e-commerce platform for wholesale orders and responsive design that's

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    Our new favorite project!
    This huge project features truly stunning photography, imagery and graphics. Completely responsive design and multiple booking

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    Full E-commerce capable site for Las Vegas vacuum sales and repair company. This project was very cool with lots of

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    This one is one wild website project. There's so many features its crazy. First we built a whole new design

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    Today’s customers are using mobile devices to access the web with increasing frequency.

    What does this mean for your business

  • Get A Life - Self-Improvement Website Get A Life - Self-Improvement Website

    Large blog site with a lot of user traffic. Slick user experience and top notch content. We fully migrated this

  • Boutique Marketing Firm Website Boutique Marketing Firm Website

    One page design with parallax background effects for boutique Boise marketing firm. PSD to HTML translation and Joomla implementation. Full

  • Global supply chain logisitics website Global supply chain logisitics website

    Design with backend intranet capabilities for Boise global supply logisitics firm. Redesigned website from ground up into Joomla 3 CMS.

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