Premium Website Design - Starting at $1500

Small Business Marketing Website DesignGet our proven small business marketing website design package - Starting at $1500.  This package includes everything your company will need to have a profitable presensce online.  Get more business and spend less.  We'll include our content management system so that you can have full control over your website without any headaches. No monthly fees. Call us at (208)740-1534 or click here and fill out the form to order.


  • Mobile Version
  • Hosting Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Cost-per-click Campaigns
  • YouTube Video Creation
  • E-Commerce Systems


  • Full Website Design
  • 8-10 pages
  • 350 words per page
  • Content Writing
  • High-Res Royalty Free Images
  • Photo Gallery


Our full line of website design packages - Starting at $250!

E-Commerce Website DesignA good first impression is critical for online sales sites. Customers are looking for shopping sites that are attractive, well organized, and easy to navigate. If you have an older or poorly working site, you will be losing customers! 

Simple CMS Design is ready to assist you with all your business e-commerce website needs. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to create a design that is right for you and fits your budget. Whether you are looking to design a brand new website or just need to update an existing site, Simple CMS Design is here for you! We are experienced at creating sites for online only stores as well as retail stores that are wishing to build an online presence. 

Features Offered:

1 Page Secure Checkout - Provide your customers with a great shopping experience with easy to use 1 page checkout. Increase consumer confidence with reliable and secure checkout.

Responsive Web Design -Your customers will be accessing your site from phones, ipads, tablets, and computers.  Sites with responsive design automatically adjust to provide an optimal experience for the device used to reach the site. This ensures that all your potential customers can always view your site properly.

Easy to Manage Interface -Allows you to make changes to your site easily at any time!

Custom Page Design -We’ll design a site that captures the essence of your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -Simple CMS Design creates sites with keywords and other strategic elements that increase web traffic to your website!

A well designed e-commerce site can be your business’s best sales tool. Contact Simple CMS Design and we will work with you to design an amazing website that will boost traffic to your site as well as increase your site conversion rate (turn visitors into customers). Call us at 208-740-1534 and we will help you create a plan for increasing your sales revenue today with a custom e-commerce website!

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