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Must Have Extensions for Joomla!

joomla extensionsJoomla! is a great CMS right out of the box. It's got the power to run a great blog, corporate website, or news site. It's very easy to customize to make it fit what you need it to do. One of the really great ways to do this is to add extensions to Joomla. Extensions are third-party pieces of software that tailor Joomla to fit what you need.

Joomla! may be great but it is lacking just a couple things. The good news is that there is extensions to fix this. For this, we've decided to compile the top extensions that should be included in Joomla! right out of the box. Each extension is free and we've included the links to download them for your convenience.

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How Joomla! Works

Joomla! is the popular open-source content management system that is (from what I've seen) the most powerful way to build, maintain, promote, and grow a professional website.  It is completely free to use, modify and expand and gives the user a great system for managing content.  It's easy to use, easy to expand, easy to style and easy to learn.

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