An ancient copywriting deviceWriting high quality web content can be a challenge. Quite often, your customers’ first glimpse at your business is your website. What you choose to say and how you choose to say it will directly affect whether a viewer checking out your site will decide to utilize your company.  

Here are the top three things we prioritize in web content writing at Simple CMS Design.

  • Writing must be grammatically flawless! Remember, you are representing your business on this site. A spelling or grammar error will lower the quality of the best designed site instantly. Even worse, customers will automatically assume that the errors on your page are representative of the quality of your service or product. Make sure to have someone skilled in grammar and writing check each of your pages before launch.
  • Writing must contain SEO keywords. SEO keywords are the words that someone looking for your business or the service/product offered by your business would type into a search engine during an information search. You need these keywords to be strategically placed in the content on your site so that your site will come up in search engine results. A good trick here is to come up with a list of keywords for which you feel your business should be known before writing content. Then keep this list beside you when you are writing and strategically place the words in natural spots as the opportunity arises. 

Warning! Do not write just for search engine results. Your customers will know and it is a huge turn off.

  • Make sure the style of writing used reflects the image you are looking to project for your business. This means if your business is about selling fun, whimsical products, you want to make sure that your content is fun and upbeat. If you are a law practice providing disability advocacy and representation, you want to make sure your content is easy to read and understand while writing in a manner that will be comforting to potential clients. 

Boise based Simple CMS Design hopes that our writing tips will help you with your web content projects. If you need further assistance on your web content writing, wish to use one of our professional web content writers, or any other web design assistance, please give us a call today!

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