As we discussed yesterday, 56% of small businesses still don't have websites and only a small fraction of small businesses are advertising online.  These numbers are both scary and exciting.  There's a whole lot of opportunity out there for improvement.  So let's get to why your business needs a website.


1. Because you're losing money without it

Internet sales have increased by 400% over the last six years.  That's a whole lot of money that your customer is not spending with you.

2. Because a website is open 24/7/365

No additional overhead, no employee wages, and you can sell, sell, sell around the clock.  Really!  I love mornings that when I go to work and my inbox is full of new customers before I even do anything.

3. Because credibility is everthing

If you were to go out shopping and found two identical stores right next to each other and one had a storefront sign that was eyecatching and told you exactly what that business did and the other didn't, which one do you think you'd go into.  The Internet is the same way.  Your website gives you instant credibility that you care about your business and you work hard on it and you want the world to know that you are not a schlub.  Guess what?  Your customers want to hear that too.

4.  You can give your customers better support while also learning more about them

It's alot easier for your customers to find the information to a question online than it is without it.  Believe me.  The more customers can find solutions to their problems without having to pick up the phone, the happier they will be.  A website is also a great way to learn more about your customers via social networking, forums, feedback forms....I could seriously list 100 ways it's easy to learn about your customers online.  The more you know the easier it is to give them what they want.

5. You'll be able to get information to your customers faster and cheaper

As I said before, it's alot easier for your customers to find information online that it is off.  Well it's also alot faster.  Compare your website to any traditional form of advertising.  A website's content can be changed sometimes in minutes but usually no more than a hour or two.  Name another form of advertising who's messaging can be changed and delivered that fast......There isn't.  There's also the cost.  A professional website can be built for as little as $500 (yup, right here on Simple CMS Design) including your domain name, your hosting, and your website design.  From then on your only costs are re-registering your domain name and paying your hosting cost (around $100/year).  No other form of advertising stacks up to that.

6.  You'll sell more

If you've got more traffic, it's easier to buy, the prices are better and you can provide better customer support, your sales will go up, period.

7.  Your customers expect it

When I look for something online, and it doesn't exist, it makes me a little ticked off.  I want to find it.  I get shocked I can't find it and then I move on to something else.  Your customers are doing the same thing.  They try to find you but can't and then go to your competitor's website who they can find.  Ouch.

There you have it my friends.  I have tried to give the best argument I can for why your business needs a website.  Can you give me a reason why your business doesn't need a website? 

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