Boise Web Design RankAs I market my company throughout Bannock county and the Pocatello area, I'm suprised to see how many companies have a website that has been built by a friend, by a free website builder or by one of the many different phone book companies that now are being forced to offer online marketing services.  The more I find companies that have found that have these types of websites, the more I find giant opportunities for more savvy business owners to expand their market share within their niche.

Think of a local company that you know of that has a website.  Now go to Google and search for a keyphrase that they would want to be ranked for.  Are they ranking on the first page?  If yes, then they definately did not have a phonebook company or a free website builder develop their site. If no then take the same company you are thinking of and search in Google for their company name.  Let me guess....not the results you'd expect.

If these sites cannot even rank for their business name then you can bet that no one is finding your website.  So either you paid a phone book company a flat or recurring fee and are seeing no return on that investment or you paid nothing for your website and are getting nothing in return. Meanwhile, Simple CMS Design's customers are increasing their market share by getting found online, earning new customers, and keeping in touch with their existing customers.  

.  As Simple CMS reaches out to more and more local businesses, the opportunity for your business to take advantage of this marketing gap will continue to shrink.  You can begin increasing your businesses customer base, market share and profits by contacting Simple CMS Design at (208)740-1534 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


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