b-logBlogging is all the rage.  It seems like everyone from your mother in law to your dry cleaner has a blog these days.  Is blogging just a silly internet phenomenon?   What could a blog possibly do for your business?

The answer is a blog could do a lot.  It’s not silly, it is smart marketing.

The truth is search engines love fresh content.  The easiest way to provide fresh content to your site is through a regular blog.  And everyone knows that search engine optimization is the key to getting customers where you need them, to your website.

Blogs add interesting information to your site.  You can write on news updates in your field, industry developments, how to articles.  The possibilities are endless. 

Think about it. 

A carpet cleaning company provides a blog on pet stains.  Someone does a search for pet stain cleaning tips.  This brings them to a blog article from their local carpet cleaning company.  The consumer finds a carpet cleaning trick that eliminates the pet stain.  Consumer is grateful to the local carpet cleaning for providing the free help.  Who do you think she calls in a month when she needs her carpets professionally cleaned before company arrives?  Exactly!  Her carpet cleaning hero from the pet stain!  A happy customer is made, business is generated and everyone is happy. 

Isn’t it time to bring more users to your site with a blog?

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