The short answer is yes.

We've decided to fully remodel our web design.  The new design should be much more friendly to new visitors who may be looking for our web design services or are interest in downloading Joomla! extensions.  The new design has a completely dynamic templating system provided by Rockettheme that allows us to choose colors with the click of a button.  Does anyone see a Simple CMS Design holiday look in the future?  

The new design will also allow us to further expand our website and have it look great.  Many Joomla! components have built in CSS.  Unfortunately, some of the developers of these great extensions don't always think of the potential problems that high priority CSS styling might cause.  Such as telling a template with a dark theme to have a large white content area.  Maybe the template has it's font color settings to white as well.  White text on white backgrounds doesn't work for the user - it can even get your site banned from Google!

The future of Boise Web Design - Simple CMS Upcoming News

We've had a great 2012 so far and we've got some great new clients that we are working with.  We'll be displaying their new websites in the next few days.  Mobile website design has really caught on and alot of our customers are now becoming savvy to the capabilities that mobile marketing provides to a company's bottom line.  We'll be showcasing some new work in the mobile web fields as well.

Lastly, we've made plans to start offering FREE Joomla! and Wordpress templates.  You read that right.  Free Joomla! templates.  Check back in the next few weeks for some free designs for your website!

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Like our new design? Have requests for new extensions?  Want to just tell us that you love us?  Say so below!

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