Maintaining Your WebsiteSo you have a top quality website up and running for your business? Good for you! The main way that consumers are finding the products and services they use is through the web. 

But is your site regularly maintained? If the answer is not on a monthly basis, then you could be losing on out on potential business. Simple CMS Design would like to share with you the three most important monthly website tasks you need to make sure happen in order to ensure optimal performance of your site.

  1. Keep Software Updated - This means updating the Content Management System (CMS) and any extensions/plugins you might have on your site. Doing this will add features that improve both the way your website runs as well as update security features to keep you site hacker free. 
  2. Add Content - Search engines love fresh content!  Regularly adding new material such as blogs, new pages, new image galleries, promotions, etc. will increase your site’s search engine rankings.
  3. Check in with Google Analytics - This will allow you to find out data about your site visitors. Google Analytics will provide vital information such as:
  • Who is visiting your site?
  • Where are your visitors located?
  • How did they get to your site, from another site or from a search engine result?
  • What parts of your website specifically did visitors look at and for how long?
  • Where did they leave your site?

Analysis of this data will allow you to make appropriate adjustments to your company website to maximize revenues! 

These critical monthly maintenance tasks can be performed internally by the website owner, if you have the time and knowledge to complete the project, or the work can be delegated to your website designer. If you already are paying someone for monthly maintenance on your site, check in to make sure that the 3 tasks above are being completed, or else you might not be getting the return you expected on the service in which you are investing.

Should you be looking for any expert assistance with these essential tasks to ensure that you website is maximizing its potential for your business, feel free to call Simple CMS Design at 208-740-1534.

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