responsive website designDo you have a website for your business? Of course you do, everyone knows a website is critical to business success these days. Is your site mobile responsive? If the answer is you’re not sure, keep reading to find out why this is a must have for your business.

The reality is that we have become a society that is dependent on our mobile devices. When we need to find a business or a service, we search on our phone. Mobile responsive websites are sites that adapt automatically to be seen on a smaller screen. If your site doesn’t do this, then viewers will have a difficult time trying to navigate your site with their phone. Since no one wants to waste time trying to figure out a challenging website, they will simply move on to a competitor who has a site that is easier to navigate. Simply put, chances are very good that if your business website is not mobile responsive, you are losing customers! 

So now that you know why you need a mobile responsive website, it’s time to find out what features are most important to include on that site. First and foremost, you want contact information to be clear and easy to read. Make sure that your business phone number can simply be clicked to initiate a call. Having a Google Map on the mobile site will allow viewers to instantly see where your business is located and they can use their phones to provide directions to navigate them to the physical location of the business.

In addition to helping customers call and find your business, you want to make sure that anyone viewing your website can easily see what services or products your business provides. They need to know what you do and because of the smaller screen size of a phone, you need to make sure that this message is clear and concise. It is also important to provide a link back to your main site, should a viewer desire to see the full range of information on your business. 

At Simple CMS Design in Boise, we know that website design is a rapidly changing field and it can be confusing for business owners to keep up with all the latest technology. If you have concerns about your website’s capability to adapt to mobile devices, contact us today.

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