static vs dynamic websitesWhat’s the Difference and What’s Best for my Business?

When considering your business website, it’s important to know what you need your site to be able to do for your business. Boise based Simple CMS Design hopes to help clarify the main differences between static and dynamic website design so you can make the choice that is right for your business.

Static Design

Static websites are those sites which do not contain a database of information that is regularly updating the site. The information making up the website does not change and each site page is created individually.


  • Static sites have a lower start-up cost as they are not as complex as dynamic sites. 
  • Static sites can be an affordable option for a small business looking to establish a web presence for the first time.
  • Static sites can be a good option for businesses whose primary purpose is to provide a basic display of business products/services and contact info. 


  • Future maintenance can be time consuming and costly since all changes being made must be made to each page of the website.

Dynamic Design

Dynamic websites are sites that include a database or content management system (CMS) that runs in the background and stores all the data for the site. This database then communicates with the rest of the site by providing the information needed by various sections of the website. Each individual piece of the web page is separate in the database. The webpage that a user ultimately views is created dynamically when the various data pieces come together to form the webpage. Shopping cart and information sites work in this way since the page content changes frequently


  • Dynamic sites are more complex and user responsive.
  • Databases make it easier to access and edit information, search content, categorize data, and load data onto the page in changing ways. 
  • Dynamic sites offer more options for flexibility and functionality.
  • Maintenance is simpler for dynamic sites compared to static sites.


  • Dynamic sites usually require more time initially to develop.

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