Jigsaw pieces are like website design decisionsIt’s no surprise. The best websites come from careful planning. Simple CMS Design always provides expert guidance to all our clients to ensure the process is completed smoothly and exceeds expectations. Thinking about the five considerations below before your first meeting with a website designer will facilitate your project’s success.

  1. Overall Objective - What do you want your site to accomplish? Are you selling a product or service? Providing information? A clear purpose is crucial in all aspects of business and your website is no exception. Having a well-defined site objective allows us at Simple CMS Design to come up with the most effective, personalized plan for every client.
  2. How Many Pages - Knowing how many pages your site will need allows Simple CMS Design to provide the most accurate estimate. Not completely sure what you need?  That’s OK too, we are here to help.  Knowing the number of site pages allows us to integrate the pages into the site from the initial design, creating a cohesive, professional website.
  3. Bring Examples - Have a site you just love? Show it to your designer! We want to know what sites your find interesting so we can better understand and incorporate your personal style into your website.
  4. Domain Names -Have a domain name in mind? Let us know and we will do our best to register it for you. If you have been using multiple domains, we can redirect those back to your main site as well. 
  5. Clear Goals - Let us know the goals you have for the website. What is your timetable for getting the site launched? What is most important to showcase on the site? What would you like to see happening with the website after launch? The more clearly goals are communicated between client and designer, the happier everyone will be with the final project.

With a little bit of consideration ahead of time, you can help your web designer make your website perfect for you.

Got some great ideas for your site? Fantastic! We’d love to help you create your vision at Boise, Idaho based Simple CMS Design. 

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