Eye Catching Web GraphicsIn website design, a lot of time and energy is spent on the functionality of the site. You want to make sure that the pages are properly linking to each other, search engine optimization is top notch, and that your written content is well written and grammatically correct. These are characteristics of high quality sites and certainly very important.

But do you know what humans are wired to notice first on your site?

The images.

That’s right. You can do everything else right for your site but if you skimp on the images, people will assume that the product/service you are offering on your site is of a lower quality. This is especially true for customers that are not committed to a particular company yet and are searching multiple websites trying to decide who they want to contact.

The images you choose for your website can literally either cause you to gain or lose customers, it’s that important.

Boise, Idaho based Simple CMS Design would like to help you avoid the low quality image blunder. Here are two options to provide the best images for your site.

Stock Photography- These are images that come from photography library websites where you can search through thousands of professional images. There are several royalty free sites that we use which eliminates any copyright concerns.

Professional Photography-Another option is to hire a professional photographer. This person will know how to properly incorporate light and placement into the images. For product sales, a professional photography will show off your product at precise angles that showcase product features up close. Using a professional photographer will also guarantee that your images will be exclusive to your site. This is a more expensive option but it might be worth considering if using a photographer will increase sales.

Remember a wonderful, highly relevant image will draw a user into your site. Using appropriate, quality images throughout a site will keep customers on your website longer. If you need help deciding whether to use stock or professional photography, what types of images to use, or more clarification on what makes a high quality image, feel free to contact us today at Simple CMS Design.

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