Dynamic vs. Static Websites

static vs dynamic websitesWhat’s the Difference and What’s Best for my Business?

When considering your business website, it’s important to know what you need your site to be able to do for your business. Boise based Simple CMS Design hopes to help clarify the main differences between static and dynamic website design so you can make the choice that is right for your business.

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The Basics of Modern Small Business Web Design

Bad Website Design - Like Really Bad....I see alot of website owner still to this day with site's that either look like they were built in 1998 (even though they were built since 2008), have really bad branding/messaging, don't effectively communicate any relevant information to their visitors and worst off all, don't have any call to action techniques to get site visitors to either pick up the phone and call the business or schedule an appointment or any type of conversion methods.  These sites are basically "just some website".  Usually built in-house or by the classic "Well my nephew is good with computers; he can build my website" scenario.  

Unfortunately, these websites are not only a waste of physical money (domain and hosting costs, paying your nephew a couple of hundred dollars, your time invested to do it yourself), but they are an incredible waste in opportunity costs and potential profits.  This is because these sites do one thing alone - turn business away.  By having a non-professional website (or any other form of marketing, in reality), you are saying one thing about your business; you're not professionals.  

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3 Important Monthly Website Tasks You Cannot Miss

Maintaining Your WebsiteSo you have a top quality website up and running for your business? Good for you! The main way that consumers are finding the products and services they use is through the web. 

But is your site regularly maintained? If the answer is not on a monthly basis, then you could be losing on out on potential business. Simple CMS Design would like to share with you the three most important monthly website tasks you need to make sure happen in order to ensure optimal performance of your site.

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